Young Wife's Distressing Sufferings

Anaemic, Nervous and Weak.
Felt so Ill and Miserable, She Would Often Sit Down and Cry

"I was devoid of energy and felt irritable and depressed. My nerves were in a shocking state, and morbid thoughts were continually running though my mind. I was always in a state of fear of I knew not what. I could not sleep at night and became so weak that it was impossible for me to do my housework"

"Then a friend advised me to try Dr Williams Pink Pills as they had done her so much good. She told me how ill she had been with her nerves, dizziness and fainting bouts and felt life was not worth living until she began taking Dr Williams Pink Pills"

"..after two weeks I felt a great deal better...I am like a new woman, and like my friend, feel that life is worth living again"

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