In Agonies With Dyspepsia

Distress After Every Meal
Can Now Eat Anything

"I suffered such agonising pain from nervous dyspepsia that I almost had to give up eating altogether"

"The lightest of meals caused me great distress and I grew to detest the sight of food"

"The lack of nourishment began to tell on me and I became weak and anaemic. I seemed to have neither strength nor aim in life"

"I think I had touched rock bottom and was in despair of ever getting better when I happened to read about Dr Williams Pink Pills and decided to give them a trial"

"Soon I was able to eat without pain and as I continued with the pills I gained a new confidence in myself"

"If I could I would personally entreat each separate sufferer to give themselves one more chance of gaining new health by taking Dr Williams Pink Pills"

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