A Mother's Suffering

Could Not Regain Strength After Birth of Baby
She Was Weak, Nervous and Anaemic

"Following the birth three years ago, I was terribly anaemic. I had absolutely no appetite and suffered from awful nervous pains"

"Housework was impossible and I had to get someone in and do it for me"

"Then one day my sister advised me to try Dr Williams Pink Pills and I decided to do so. Gradually I realised they were doing me good... I began to feel and look like a different woman"

"I shall always praise Dr Williams Pink Pills; several of my friends are already taking them on my recommendation, and I want other sufferers to benefit as I have done"

Good For Men and Women Too

"Dr WIlliams Pink Pills are in every way as valuable to men as to women, for they possess the unique power of making rich, good blood in abundance; they fill the starved veins with nourishment, so that new energy is carried to every part of the enfeebled system, and in giving this rich, red blood of health they attack the very source of a great number of diseases. Both men and women in great numbers have found renewed vitaliity in Dr Williams brand Pink Pills"

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