A Mother's Anxiety

About her Weak Anaemic Daughter
Pale, Languid and Always Ailing

"When my daughter Irene entered her teens she rapidly outgrew her strength. She grew pale and languid, could not eat and lost much weight. For the next few years, life was a misery to her; she was continually ailing and never knew what it was to feel really well"

"Then a friend who is a nurse recommended Dr Williams Pink Pills, and we decided to give them a try"

"and within a fortnight of commencing the pills, I felt better than I had done for two or three years"

To Parents and Guardians

Upon parents rests a great responsibility at the time their daughters are budding into womanhood. If your daughter is plae, complains of weakness, is tired out after the slightest exertion, if she is troubled with headache, bachache, if her temper is fitful and her appetitie poor, then you may be sure she is a victim of anaemia. In that case you should lose no time in giving your daughter Dr Williams Pink Pills. They will assist her to develop properly; they will enrich the blood and restore the roses to her cheeks. Wise mothers will give their daughters Dr Williams Pink Pillls upon the approach of womanhod, and thus avoid the risks of their becoming anaemic.

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