Girl Who Was "All Nerves" Part 2

Now Full of Life and Energy Thanks to Dr Williams Pink Pills

"The climax came about a year ago, and I shall never forget it. Her father and I had arranged a holiday for her at the seaside, but on the day she should have gone, she said that she felt too ill to go away"

"She completely lost control of her limbs and her face took on a pearly hue"

"It was after that that I decided to try Dr Williams Pink Pills, which I had read so much about, and now my only regret is that I did not get them sooner"

"Now she is on her third box and is like a different girl; she is back at her work; she looks forward to her meals and she's well and hearty and full of life.."

"The past seems like a nightmare, and there's no doubt that Dr Williams Pink Pills were Audrey's salvation"

continued from Girl Who Was "All Nerves" Part 1

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