A Victim Of Indigestion

Says Stomach Trouble Made Him a Wreck
Can Now Eat and Enjoy His Meals

"For two and a half years I was in misery, sometimes the pains in my stomach were so severe that I could hardly move. I was really afraid to eat, because of the tortures I suffered after food"

"A friend advised me to try Dr Williams Pink Pills. I started taking the pills and soon felt the benefit"

"Before long I was able t eat almost anything; I had not tasted potatoes for about eighteen months, but now I can eat new potatoes - a thing absolutely forbidden to me before"

"Now I feel a different man; I can enjoy my meals and life is once again worth living. I think Dr Williams Pink Pills are wonderful, and I shall always recommend them"

3 Out of Every 4 People Suffer From Constipation

"Even chronic constipation can be overcome by care in the diet and the use of a suitable laxative. A gentle laxative,free from habit-creating tendency mist be chosen, and Pinkettes meet the case admirably. They act gently, clearing all waste without nausea or griping. With a little persistence, which the results is well worth, Pinkettes really do correct constipation"

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