Once Pale, Bloodless And Miserable

Now Robust, Happy and Full Of Life

"My daughter, Hetty, nineteen years of age, had been a victim of anaemia for about a year. Besides being pale and bloodless, her nerves were in a terrible state, and she was so depressed that she cried over the least thing"

"Then I remembered having read about Dr Williams Pink Pills, and decided to see if they would do her good. Before she had finished the first box of pills Hetty showed signs of great improvement"

"As she continued with the pills, the colour came back to her cheeks, she gained wight, and now, after taking five boxes of Dr Williams Pink Pills, hetty is fit and well"

The Use and Abuse of Strong Purgative Medicines

"The constant taking of strong purgative medicines is a debilitating practice. Such medicines act not on the cause of the disease, but on the signs of it. In certain case a dose of an aperient is useful, but when this is necessary, steps should be taken to avoid the recurrence of such necessity by using the medicine that acts on the cause of the disease. It is because they act thus - removing the cause of the disease and not merely the symptoms of it - that Dr Williams brand Pink Pills are recommended in so many different ailments. There are times when an opening medicine is necessary and we know of nothing to equal Pinkettes for this purpose (see page 16). Pinkettes are gentle in action, yet quite effective, and they have none of the harmful effects associated with most aperient medicines"

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