"A Bundle Of Nerves"

This Woman Was so Run Down, Irritable and Depressed That The Least Thing Upset Her

"Life was too much of a burden for me to bear. I have six children, and the work of keeping house as well as looking after them was as much as one could manage without being handicapped by ill health"

"I was so irritable that the least thing upset me; I was just a bundle of nerves from morning till night. I looked ghastly; my face was very pale and I could never get the rest I craved because my nerves would not let me sleep at night"

"My sufferings continued until one day I read about Dr Williams Pink Pills and decided to give them a trial. Within a few days I began to feel the benefits"

"I now feel perfectly fit and well. Work is a pleasure instead of a drudgery; the children no longer get on my nerves and I can eat and sleep well. The wonderful change is due to Dr Williams Pink Pills and I shall always recommend them"

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