Depressed And Miserable

Wretchedly Nervous For Months - Afraid To Go Out Alone

"For months I was depressed and miserable. I suffered horrible fits of trembling, and morbid and frightening ideas were continually on my mind. I was afraid to go out alone, and still more afraid to stay at home"

"Then my mother advised me to take Dr Williams Pink Pills as she had herself derived great benefit from them many years ago"

"I started taking the pills, and felt the benefit almost at once; my appetite picked up and I was more cheerful"

"I think Dr Williams Pink Pills are marvellous, and I should like my statement to be published so that other sufferers may benefit"

Is Your Baby Cross and Peevish? Make Him Happy and Contented

"The best of babies can get cross and peevish at times. The trouble may be due to teething or some little disturbance of the stomach. Whatever the cause, in most cases baby can be made happy and contented by one or two Bablets"

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